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It doesn’t matter if you need general lawn and landscaping services or something more specific like pest control or irrigation services, we’ve got you covered. At Green 365 Lawn & Pest Solutions, LLC, we’re here to help your lawn look picture perfect.

If your garden is plagued by plants struggling to grow, and grass that’s discolored and patchy, Green 365 Lawn & Pest Solutions, LLC has the solution for you. Our skilled and friendly employees have the know-how to give you the thickest carpet of grass, and the healthiest, happiest plants in town.

If you’ve struggled to achieve results in the past to no avail, get in touch with Green 365 Lawn & Pest Solutions, LLC today and schedule a consultation with one of our garden experts.

Lawn Services

A greener, more vibrant lawn has never been easier to achieve, thanks to the lawn care specialist of Green 365 Lawn & Pest Solutions. We know that every lawn is not the same, so that’s why we blend the right products specifically for your yard. Each treatment plan includes a full fertilization with our eco-friendly products that boasts healthy growth and vibrancy to give it that special Florida glow. We determine turf type, plant population, time of year, and the local ground conditions.


Tree + Shrub Care

There is more to lawn care than just keeping the grass mowed and the weeds at bay. From specialized fertilization and insect control to seasonal pruning and shrub care, we understand that none of these aspects should be overlooked. Especially since lawn ornaments and other decorative flora play a key part in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. At Green 365 Lawn & Pest Solutions, we offer a range of services oriented at giving your landscape the holistic care it needs.


Weed + Insect

There’s nothing worse than having a beautiful lawn and then seeing insects or weeds destroy it. To prevent that, we maintain close contact with all of our lawns, so we can take preventative measures to eradicate chinch bugs, mole crickets, aphids, and more. Insects aren’t the only pests we take care of though. Green 365 Lawn & Pest Solutions’s Weed and Insect Control typically starts with a assessment of the weed and insect issues affecting your lawn.


Fungus + Disease

Florida’s biodiversity is beautiful but allows more plants to be susceptible to fungal growth. The time of year, turf type, and plant type are determining factors and removing fungi is case-specific. WIth our targeted disease control, patchy lawns and yellowing leaves are a thing of the past. Keep your yard lush and green with a fungi removal approach tailored just for you.


Irrigation Services

When it comes to irrigating lawns, improper techniques can hurt your lawn more than help it. Overwatering, irrigating at wrong times of the day, and watering too often can be ineffective and—at times—downright harmful. Our lawn watering advice will help your lawn soak in the summer fun! The most important part of keeping a yard healthy and green starts with providing the correct amount of water. 


Pest Control

Nothing is more aggravating than unwanted pest invading your home. Pests in Florida are notorious for establishing themselves as houseguests, from sugar ants to palmetto bugs. Our professional staff is on hand to ensure that no matter what your pest problem is, we’ll get it handled. Our eco-friendly products help you say goodbye to any unwanted intruders.


Termite Control

Like many Floridians, you probably already know that your home is need of termite protection, but you just don’t have time to deal with the issue. We understand, and want to make the termite control process as hassle-free as possible. We understand how important keeping your family safe and your home pest free is to you. Our qualified exterminators use treatments that are safer for your entire family, including the four-legged members!


Mosquito Control

Every year the CDC states that Florida citizen’s are susceptible to mosquito-borne diseases like Zika, Malaria, Encephalitis, and pet heartworm. The beautiful Florida weather is hard to enjoy when these little dangerous pests are loitering around. Green 365 Lawn & Pest Solution's mosquito control formula helps to combat them.



  • Kathryn O. ★★★★★ They were so nice and did such a great job! I have the only green lawn in the neighborhood!

  • Brooke T. ★★★★★ – Jaye and Keith were very punctual, professional, and very nice. Showed us where the ghost ants were coming into house and even taught us how to clean our garbage disposal and the piping of our sinks in our bathrooms!

  • Billy J. ★★★★★ – It was GREAT!!! The guy was very knowledgeable. He sprayed every corner of my entire yard. After he completed his work he knocked back on the door, explained to me what he applied, and when I should start seeing a difference. He also stated that if there’s no change in the time frame I should see a difference, he would come back FREE of charge to retreat.

  • Sarah L. ★★★★★ – Since my German Shepherd had been poisoned by the last people I had hired to spray my home interior (he recovered after “tripping” for a few hours), I discussed my concerns with Jaye, who assured me that this usually happens when different products were mixed together and that his treatment was truly “pet safe.” He went ahead and sprayed my interior and my dog did not suffer any ill effects. I also discussed termite treatments with him, and he fully explained what he would apply and how much. I did hire him to apply the treatment for subterranean and structural (flying) termites. The only problem was he forgot to put back the downspout, but when I called him explaining the problem, he came back immediately and put the downspout back where it belonged. I was very pleased with his work.

  • Amos T. ★★★★★ – The service provider was very friendly and professional and went out of his way to worked with my schedule. I was very pleased with how thorough he was to ensure all areas of our home was well covered with pesticide. There was no high pressure sales or unexpected added cost, just friendly service. I was very pleased and will surely use them again. Highly recommend.

  • Doug G. ★★★★★ – Perfect. Jay and his staff are very professional, hard-working and thorough. My sprinkler system wasn’t in the best shape and they worked diligently to get it working properly and set up on my preferred schedule. They even went above and beyond by finding a small leak on my side of the water meter that I didn’t know was there. They said they’d be happy to repair it for me but it appeared to be the water company’s pipe so they would need to handle it (it was and they did). Lawn treatment was equally thorough. I like that Jay spends time with you to make sure you understand everything. All in all, a very good experience. Once again, Angie’s List knocks it out of the park with it’s recommendations. I’m very pleased.

  • Sharon Wright ★★★★★ – My first encounter with the company was a year ago when my home was plagued with ghost ants that I was unable to get rid of. I had tried several products and was totally frustrated as the ants were located in my kitchen and two bathrooms. They came to the rescue! They arrived on time, were extremely professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and friendly. The interior and exterior of my home were thoroughly sprayed, as well as applying a special non-toxic solution for the ghost ants. Problem solved, first time! I recently had a follow-up session just for typical maintenance. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone!!! They have deservedly earned us as customers for life!

  • Bill Camillo Jr ★★★★★ – My lawn has shown an immediate improvement since signing on with Jaye and his team. My lawn had been struggling to recover fully from this past years frost and also a backyard patio project that compacted the turf from all the wheelbarrow and bobcat traffic. All of the “holes in my St augustine have filled in. My side yards were always weak in growth and these have filled in also. Jaye uses quality products, unlike the previous larger company I was using. I really like that they give me a full Inspection report at every visit/application each month, where I can see what products and amounts were applied to my lawn.I have no idea what the other company was putting into my lawn each month. Jaye and his team polite are caring and have my best interest in mind. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Prestige Pawn & Jewelry ★★★★★ – The name says it all. Jaye will make sure your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood. He is professional and very reasonable. I highly recommend. Very friendly and punctual. Thanks again.

  • Scott Summers ★★★★★ – Excellent customer service and value for pest control. Had pest issues prior to their visit but they took care of it after the first visit. Both Jay and John are very personable and extremely helpful.

  • Slydale Reese ★★★★★ – Jaye Moore and his staff were extremely knowledgeable and helpful when it came to my recent lawn fertilization and pest control services. If you are ever in need of helpful, courteous, and excellent care then this is the company for you.

  • Nancy Rice ★★★★★ – I love what you all are doing for my lawn and neighborhood – Keep up the good work

  • Coleman Riggs ★★★★★ – Jaye and Mike do their best to make you happy. I have the best looking yard in the Neighborhood. Have Faith in them. Hawks Point Ruskin

  • John Roy ★★★★★ – Very professional.. Showed up on time.. Tech very knowledgeable.

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