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Land O’ Lakes FL

Enjoying your Land O' Lakes landscaping doesn't have to include fear of exposure to nasty lawn fertilization chemicals or the dangers of mosquito borne illness.

Green 365 Lawn & Pest Solutions, LLC offers a broad range of lawn care services that will make your yard a safe space for your family and pets to enjoy through every season.

Standard lawn fertilization products are full of harmful chemicals that can runoff in to your waterways. We use naturally based, bio remediation solutions that don't pose a health risk to you or the environment. When you work with Green 365, you can trust your children and pets are safe to play in your lush, healthy grass.

Our pest control solution is pet and family friendly as well. Sticking to eco-friendly products, our solution won't harm your children but will keep risky insects out of your lawn. For example, mosquitoes can bring viruses like Zika and Malaria, and pet heartworm into your space. With our mosquito control maintenance plan, you can choose to have your home protected monthly or annually, with term options in-between.

Your dreams for your lawn can become a reality. Our services start with a plan to match our services to your dreams, and review the most affordable options we offer. We design a service and maintenance solution, and then get to work to create a landscape that is safe and beautiful. If you'd like to get an idea of services and pricing before making an appointment, visit our "Get A Quote" page on our website. You can choose a home or lawn analysis, and see all the things our company can do for you.

Irrigation, weed control, and shrub maintenance are just some of the services we offer in addition to lawn care and pest control. Don't stay inside because you have crispy grass or annoying pests. Call us at (813)938-0000 to get started today!